FAQ about DiSC®
What is the difference between Everything DiSC and other DISC assessments?
If you have spent any time searching for DISC profiles you will find lots of different options out there. Unfortunately, all DiSC assessments are not created equal. Wiley Publishing has been researching and creating DiSC assesments for over fifty years and been a leader in computer based assessments for more then two decades. They are the only company providing computer adaptive testing which adjusts the questions you are asked based upon you previous answers. Additionally, with over seven million respondents and new ones continuallly added to the data it poses an incredibly high level of validity and accuracy. The Everything DiSC model and brand provides the most reliable and most usable results across organizations.
What is the price of the assessments?
Assessments vary in price depending on the which assessment and how many you order.
How do I get discounts on bulk assessments?
The partnership with Wiley Publishing is built on making sure the community of partners have sustainable businesses. For that reason, we have minimum advertised pricing standards as well as absolute lowest sales prices that are preset by Wiley. However, we do have some flexibility between these two numbers. Contact our office to find out how we can get you the BEST price for your needs and will guarantee to match or beat any "legal" price you find elsewhere.
What is EPIC?
EPIC is an on-line platform that drives the Wiley Assessment Program. Should you want the ability to conduct assessments anytime 24/7 from the comfort of your own desk then you may want your own EPIC Account.
How does EPIC work?
Each user has a unique log into the EPIC platform. From their you can assign access codes for respondents to complete any assessment provided by Wiley Publishing. This includes all of the Everything DiSC assessments as well as Five Behaviors and few more. The EPIC System operates on a credit model. You prepurchase a supply of credits to store in your account. When you want to issue an access code you simply use some of your credits. Assessments range from 15 to 50 credits each with a lot of "free" options such as team views and comparison reports.
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