Kirby Kirkpatrick, CPC, CMC a nationally known, in demand, author and trainer.  He has traveled the country presenting countless workshops, keynotes, and training sessions on a variety of topics.  Best known for his expertise in the DiSC Model of personality assessments, Kirby's vibrant and humorous training style reaches learners at all levels of experience and motivation.. a graduate of Indiana University and spent his early professional life as a History Teacher.  First at a home for court appointed youth, followed by time in the Indianapolis Public School System.  These teaching assignments provided him the opportunity to become a master at lesson planning and curriculum development. You do not succeed with at-risk teenagers without the ability to engage and entertain at the same time you are teaching. an entrepreneur.  After spending several years in the classroom, Kirby decided his true calling was in the business world. He left teaching in 1998 to pursue the growth of his meeting planning company.  Success Express steadily grew in the ensuing years until it not only included event planning but was also a retail supplier of promotional products, awards, and decorated apparel.  In 2001 he returned to his teaching roots by offering professional development training to companies and individuals.  Today Success Express Coaching & Consultant as well as Success Express Awards & Marketing team together to provide companies with a vast catalog of solutions and services. a trainer and certified professional coach.  His experience developing and growing a business from the ground up provides a unique, real world, perspective that allows Kirby to understand the universality of business challenges while also recognizing the uniqueness of each individual organization.  It is this background that positions Kirby to create custom business training and coaching solutions to fit your industry, market, and company culture. an author.  Growing Up Pink: Lessons Learned Inside the Mary Kay Bubble is his debut offering.  Once again Kirby combined his life experiences in creating this powerful, concise and enjoyable read full of applicable lessons for life and business.  Kirby's mother began her career with Mary Kay Cosmetics, listed by ForbesĀ® in their top 150 list of private companies, in 1974 when he was just 3 years old.  The influence of growing up as a Mary Kay Kid and then continuing to work closely with top achievers in this Direct Sales Industry leading company has impacted the way Kirby teaches and conducts business.  Growing Up Pink honors that legacy by providing fifty life, business, relationship, and professional lessons he learned through this 45+ year association.


Kirby Lives in Rockville, Indiana with his wife Paula, herself a successful leader and business person.