What is a Coach?
A Coach is a listener:  He engages with the client to hear where they are and where they want to go.
A Coach is a supporter:  He helps the client become who they want to be.

A Coach is a Guide:  He offers observations, asks questions, and when appropriate offers insight to help the client go the direction they want to go.

A Coach builds awareness:  Through a variety of tools he helps the client learn to become self aware and self directed.

A Coach is a resource:  He offers a second set of eyes, ears, and experiences to help the client explore possibilities.

A Coach is about forward motion:  His role is to help the client move towards a goal, idea, role, prospect, dream, vision, or purpose. 

What a Coach is not:

A Mentor:  He is not there to give advice.  He is there to help you discover your own truth and your own path.  If you are looking to explore more advice centered guidance Success Express has consulting services that may be more appropriate for your needs.

A Counselor:  He is not a trained mental health professional. Many times coaching clients find their barriers are related to past trauma.  Issues such as abuse, addiction, or mental health challenges should be addressed by an experienced professional.  If these arise during a coaching conversation it is the responsibility of the coach to encourage the client to seek the appropriate help.

A Teacher or Trainer:  While many of the Success Express Network of coaches are accomplished trainers the coaching relationship is about more than just learning a skill.  However, we do believe that if a client is missing a skill, and this is preventing growth, the coaching relationship can be paused to allow the client time to learn and develop necessary competencies.

Success Express Coaching customizes a solution around your needs.