Professional Development Training & Facilitation
Employee engagement and development is a key ingredient in increasing productivity, improving retention and building company culture.

When you invest in your team, they invest in you.  Success Express works with companies and organizations of all sizes and across all industries to custom design a professional development program that serves your individual needs.

Whether you have an in-house educational department, are an accomplished HR Executive, or are new to staff development we can work with you.
Everthing DiSC Workshops
Coach Kirby has been conducting DiSC workshops for over twenty years. Ask how this powerful personality assessment tool can help your organization from internal communication, to customer service, to sales and leadership.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
Facilitation & Workshops
Make Pat Lencioni's Best Selling Five Behaviors of a Dysfunctional Team come alive with this powerful assessment and facilitation. Your organization will explode with results when your teams understand how to work towards a common goal.

Custom Designed Workshops
From customer service to time management to team building and everything in between, we work with you to create custom designed, industry specifice solutions for your soft skills training needs.

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Strategic Planning
A trip without a destination is designed to fail. So is your business or organization if they do not have a clear and understandable plan. Coach Kirby has worked with groups of all sizes to guide them through the process of creating a clear purpose and plan for future growth.

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DiSC Products & Services
DiSC Personality Assessments have been used by millions of individuals and businesses worldwide to improve communication! Find out how it can unlock hidden potential in your organization.

Five Behaviors Products & Services
Based on Best Selling Author Pat Lencionni's book the Five Behaviors of a Dysfunctional Team this program creates trust and accountability among intact teams. Use the assessments as a stand alone product or go all in with structured facilitation.

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